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While their particular deſign is to induce the ingenious to cultivate the knowledge of Botany, by introducing them to the veſtibule of that delightful ſcience, and recommending to their attention the immortal works of the celebrated Swediſh Naturaliſt, LINNEUS. It has a real direction from the weſt owing to its not having loſt in its journey the greater velocity it had acquired from the earth's ſurface from whence it came. On the ſouth of Syria, he adds, where the Jordan flows is a country of volcanos; and it is obſerved that the earthquakes in Syria happen after their rainy ſeaſon, which is alſo conformable to a ſimilar obſervation made by Dr.

THE general deſign of the following ſheets is to inliſt Imagination under the banner of Science; and to lead her votaries from the looſer analogies, which dreſs out the imagery of poetry, to the ſtricter, ones which form the ratiocination of philoſophy. Theſe continue but a day or two, and are attended with rain. SOUTH-WEST WIND conſiſts of air flowing from the ſouth, and ſeems occaſionally abſorbed at its arrival to the more northern latitudes.

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WEST WINDS conſiſt of air brought haſtily from the ſouth, and checked from proceeding further to the north by a beginning production of air in the northern regions, warm and moiſt, generally ſucceeded by north-eaſt wind. They conſiſt of air bent down from the higher regions of the atmoſphere, if this air be from the ſouth, and brought haſtily it becomes a wind of great velocity, moving perhaps 60 miles an hour, is warm and rainy; if it conſiſts of northern air bent down it is of leſs velocity and colder. A part of the northern air, which had paſſed by us I ſuppoſe, now became retrograde before it had acquired the velocity of the earth's ſurface to the ſouth of us, and being attended by ſome of the ſouthern air in its journey, the moiſture of the latter became condenſed and frozen by its mixture mith the former. A part of the ſouthern air, which had paſſed by us or over us, with the retrograde northern air above deſcribed, was now in its turn driven back, before it had loſt the velocity of the ſurface of the earth to the ſouth of us, and conſequently became a north-weſt wind; and not having loſt the warmth it brought from the ſouth produced a thaw. The air from the north continuing to blow, after it had driven back the ſouthern air as above deſcribed, became a north-eaſt wind, having leſs velocity than the ſurface of the earth in this climate, and produced froſt from its coldneſs. From unknown cauſes I ſuppoſe the quantity of air to be diminiſhed in the polar regions, and the ſouthern air cooled by the earth's ſurface, which was previouſly frozen, depoſits its moiſture for a day or two; afterwards the wind continued ſouth-weſt without rain, as the ſurface of the earth became warmer. There has been a long froſt; a few days ago the barometer ſunk to 29 ½, and the froſt became more ſevere.

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Very fine porcelain has been made from Engliſh materials but the nature of the manufacture renders the proceſs precarious and the profit hazardous; for the ſemivitrification, which conſtitutes porcelain, is neceſſarily accompanied with a degree of ſoftneſs, or ſemifuſion, ſo that the veſſels are liable to have their forms altered in the kiln, or to run together with any accidental augmentations of the fire. Theſe figures bring ſtrongly to one's mind the Adam and Eve of ſacred writ, whom ſome have ſuppoſed to have been allegorical or hieroglyphic perſons of Aegyptian origin, but of more antient date, amongſt whom I think is Dr. According to this opinion Adam and Eve were the names of two hieroglyphic figures repreſenting the early ſtate of mankind; Abel was the name of an hieroglyphic figure repreſenting the age of paſturage, and Cain the name of another hieroglyphic ſymbol repreſenting the age of agriculture, at which time the uſes of iron were diſcovered. He was the firſt that came out of the great egg of night, (Heſiod. There is a whiſtle, termed a lark-call, which conſiſts of a hollow cylinder of tin-plate, cloſed at each end, about half an inch in diameter and a quarter of an inch high, with oppoſite holes about the ſize of a gooſe-quill through the centre of each end; if this lark-whiſtle be held between the lips the ſound of it is manifeſtly different when the breath is forceably blown through it from within outwards, and when it is ſucked from without inwards. If this could be accompliſhed, it would be the moſt happy diſcovery that ever has happened to theſe northern latitudes, ſince in this country the N. Ka-o-lin is the name given by the Chineſe to their porcelain clay, and pe-tun-tſe to the other ingredient in their China ware. The inverted torch ſhews the figure to be emblematic, if it had been deſigned to repreſent a real perſon in the act of dying there had been no neceſſity for the expiring torch, as the dying figure alone would have been ſufficiently intelligible;—it would have been as abſurd as to have put an inverted torch into the hand of a real perſon at the time of his expiring. The MANES or GHOST appears lingering and fearful, and wiſhes to drag after him a part of his mortal garment, which however adheres to the ſide of the portal through which he has paſſed. from earth to Elyſium, and yet all the figures are in reality on an horizontal one. As he therefore led the way into this life, he ſeems to conſtitute a proper emblem for leading the way to a ſuture life. And as the ſouth-weſt winds ſometimes continue for ſome weeks, there muſt be a generation of air to the ſouth at thoſe times, or ſuperior currents, which laſt has been ſhewn to be improbable. The north-eaſt winds being generated about the poles are puſhed forwards towards the tropics or line, by the preſſure from behind, and hence they become warmer, as explained in Note VII. Kirwan has publiſhed a valuable treatiſe on the temperature of climates, as a ſtep towards inveſtigating the theory of the winds; and has ſince written ſome ingenious papers on this ſubject in the Tranſactions of the Royal Iriſh Society. As the works of nature are governed by general laws this exuberant reproduction prevents the accidental extinction of the ſpecies, at the ſame time that they ſerve for food for the higher orders of animation. From the vacant ſpaces in ſome parts of the heavens, and the correſpondent cluſters of ſtars in their vicinity, Mr.