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13-May-2020 16:59

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You can then select which characters you want to monitor on that account. You can have multiple plans which can be combined to form big plans a year or longer in length. The new plan should open as a big window with a number of options along the top and left-hand side. In the skill tree open Spaceship Command and click on Amarr Battleship.

A skill tree will appear showing all of the skills you would need to learn in order to learn Amarr Battleship.

All together these skills will create a much larger plan.

For any plan you will have to do research to figure out all the skills you need and want.

You can use the various guides in this wiki, which often list skills needed for their particular activity.

You can use the Ship Browser in the EVEMon Plan window and look at fittings from Battle Clinic, even if most of them are terrible.

All together this gives you the information you would need to persue your plan to fly an Amarr Battleship.

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My first plan included everything all mushed together.For additional features you may need to use a Full API key.This guide is written with the new player in mind since it is often the first 3rd party tool they should start using.You can also set EVEMon to remove skills once they are learned, and the skills will be removed from all plans once you have finished the skill.

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How fast a skill can be learned is dependent on the two character attributes the skill is based upon.

There is an excellent skill library with pretty prerequisite trees to tell you just how many other things you would need to study before you can even start training Amarr Battleship.