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26-Jan-2020 05:11

For me, it's been a journey of finding my balance of as a mother and as an artist, and with the studio and when there's time for that, and also, to go to bed at the hour that I like to go to bed at, so that's a whole journey in itself.

You were 19 when you filmed your first show, and the public was harsh. You both come from such famous families, which is obviously a huge privilege, but does it ever feel like a burden?

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And so they sat down with How did you two first meet? The first time we met, we were at — it was like a friend's birthday party and I thought you were cute. We liked both voices together, and as time went on, we really enjoy it and we thought it was something that we wanted to share.Was it scary, or did you get used to the cameras quickly? But it was exciting, and we produced it, so it was something that we knew what we were getting ourselves into, and it was authentic and it just felt like we were actually documented something that was going on in our lives, so it really — it wasn't that hard. Ashlee, did you learn any lessons from the first go-around that you were able to apply to this show? You know, both of us have taken like long breaks, and it's still cool because, at the same time, we both have been writing music and we share that together, and we have those special moments. ER: They've both done such big things in their life. And with my mother, it's like if there's any shadow, I'd love to be under her's. ER: Blending our families together was kind of really easy.

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