Error before updating scaffolding from new db schema

15-Sep-2020 13:59

This guards against any accidental schema changes that may have occurred in the target Production database between the time the Database Release was created and the time it is being applied (ie during the time when the DBA was reviewing the update script).It also guards against accidentally applying the Database Release to the wrong target database!Specifically, the schema to ensure they are equivalent.If the schemas don’t match, the cmdlet will raise an error and refuse to execute the update script.

It enables users to make database changes to production safely and efficiently.

The upshot is that the schema of the Integration database has been synced to the Production database.

So why did we have to do this with two separate cmdlets? This is a deliberate design decision in SQL Release.

Instead of applying the Database Release directly to the Production database after the script review, we introduce an additional dry run against a pre-production database. Validate that the new Pre-production database functions correctly.

Import the Database Release and apply it to the Production database.Incidentally, you can export the script to a file using the following Power Shell.