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12-Dec-2019 00:30

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The potential really excited me; the prospect of being with someone you can almost telepathically communicate with.

I theorize it would make a lot more time for, I dunno, world domination. She broke up with me because she idealized a three year relationship she had with a guy in high school, and being with me just didn't give her the same feeling.

INTJs should be conscious of ENTJs’ need to discuss thoroughly and in person, while ENTJs should recognize INTJs’ need to be alone and allow them space when needed.

INTJs are likely to trust ENTJs who can know when to listen and offer privacy; ENTJs should be conscious of INTJs’ energy levels in conversations to avoid pushing them past their limits.

ENTJs tend to trust INTJs who take the time to engage with them and share new ideas; ENTJs will feel more connected to INTJs when they debate issues together.

Both personalities contribute to their workplace with deep, logical thinking, creativity, and an innate drive to achieve.

INTJs can motivate ENTJs by taking the time to get to know them personally and recognizing their accomplishments.

ENTJs can encourage INTJs by giving them personal space and appreciating their new ideas.

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Without it, I would feel horribly depressed I was in a relationship with an ENTJ female fairly recently. We didn't date long, but I think the combo has a ton of potential.

INTJs should be patient and communicative with ENTJs, while ENTJs should give INTJs plenty of space to relax.

INTJs and ENTJs are Thinking personalities, meaning they should be direct and clear about their individual perspectives in a tense situation.

I was with him about six months after that, but depression is rough, and goals are really important to us ENTJs. Before he definitely was, but then he became introverted, and maybe a couple other things switched. I read somewhere that ENTJs turn into a negative version of ISFPs when under severe pressure and depression.

What's good about ENTJs vs ISFPs is that ENTJs ask for help and it pulls the m out of their depression faster.INTJs and ENTJs are likely to have a difficult time facing new situations, as they tend to focus intensely on following a plan.

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