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01-May-2020 09:45

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Here’s how the conversation unfolded: Anders: Oh my God! The orbiter was shooting photos of the lunar surface every 20 seconds, allowing NASA to precisely figure out the orbiter’s orientation at every moment.Meanwhile, the Service Module, which was mated to the Command Module, provided water, electricity, long-range communications and, most important, carried the main engine to place the spacecraft into lunar orbit and returning it to Earth.For actually landing on the Moon, a second vehicle was required, the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM).The first was the Command Service Module, (CSM), which was the main vehicle.The Command Module was the home for the astronauts, the command and control center for the mission, and the reentry vehicle to return the Earth.This spider-like machine could only operate in the vacuum of space and would be carried to the Moon by the CSM.Two astronauts would then transfer to the LEM, which would undock and descend to the lunar surface while the Command Module Pilot remained with the mothership.

It would not be until well into 1969 that Apollo 10 made the first flight to orbit the Moon, where it would test the LEM under lunar gravitational conditions in rehearsal for the Apollo 11 landing.

Sending three men to circle the Moon in a fragile capsule involved a string of achievements – they became the first human beings to see the Earth from space as an entire planet, traveled farther from home than anyone in history, and in the process all but ended the Space Race.

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