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All I wanted to do was watch these people as they married total strangers they met for the first time at the altar, and while my brain knew it was insane to expect things to work out, my heart wanted the show to prove my brain wrong.But, unsurprisingly, being married at first sight doesn't always yield the best results.Now, the question people ask is “is he a relation to Heather Matarazzo?”Well, to answer this, did some research and identity verification of the two thespians and found a tweet by Heather back in 2016 where she categorically stated that she is not in anyway related to the young talented Gaten Matarazzo.While we have a certain Heather Matarazzo as an actress, we have another Heather Matarazzo as the mother of an actor.The actress – Heather Matarazzo has her full name as Heather Christina Marie Matarazzo and she was born on 10 November 1982 in Oyster Bay New York.As a student, he faced bullying from an older student who didn’t understand why his shoulders looked the way they did.

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He won the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for his role in It becomes all the more interesting when his mother bears exactly the same name with the said actress – Heather Matarazzo.Find out all about this mixed-identity case here in addition to some background information about the young actor.Gaten whose full name is Gaten John Matarazzo III was born in the early millennial era; the year 2002 on the 8th of September in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey to Gaten Matarazzo Sr. He has two other siblings named Sabrina and Carmen Matarazzo who have featured in television commercials.He was born without a collarbone, still has milk teeth and uses dentures to help himself.

On the brighter side of things, Gaten employs his fame as a television celebrity to raise awareness about the condition.It's a crazy concept, but the experts do know what they're doing. If you follow Jamie on Instagram, you already know that they're still together — and coming back for a second season of Married At First Sight.