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16-Sep-2020 01:51

Maybe he needs your help putting together that new entertainment center. He’s man enough to take charge and text or call whenever he feels like it, even if it makes him the first one to do it. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, your man has it covered.

While you’re expecting last minute dinner plans on your birthday, he’s gathered your friends and family together at your favorite restaurant and even got that one of a kind sweater you ogled three months ago. Also known as flowers, candy or other small token of his affection for absolutely no reason. It’s just one of those super sweet things a man does to win you over.

If he’s excited about you and wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll call you the next day to say, “I had fun, when can I take you out to dinner this week?

”If he’s already planning his exit strategy, he’s not going to say, “I think we made a mistake.

But, as you know, this doesn’t mean we want a relationship with you. Pay attention to how he handles himself in the next 24-48 hours.

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And understand that everything he does next is designed to keep you INTERESTED in him without allowing you to fall in LOVE with him.But I have to admit, from time to time, I get an email that makes me roll my eyes.The most recent one was as mercifully short as it was inane.or just being a decent person who thinks about others. I know some men are terrified of offering to help because some feminists go nuts and tell them they don’t need a man to help them, but really that’s a stereotype that doesn’t often happen outside of the movies. A man that isn’t afraid to ask for help is one of the sexiest things ever. Okay, so maybe a man that isn’t afraid to take care of you when you’re at your worst is actually the sexiest. While he’s probably not going to notice if your nail polish changed from red to bright red, he might compliment a new skirt you bought or that new thing you’re doing with your hair. You didn’t have to give him any hints – he actually noticed and liked it. Before you even get a chance to text him good morning, he’s already sent you one.

I’m thrilled when my man offers to help me carry something heavy or help me clean up after dinner. For instance, instead of driving around in circles, he asks you to check your phone for directions. Some guys avoid a sick woman at all costs, but a great guy offers to come over and bring you chicken noodle soup, fluff your pillows and do whatever else you need. He doesn’t have to wait for you to call or text first.

I take my job as your personal trainer for love very seriously.

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They will be committed to their children, but any subsequent male would gladly be thrown under a bus to save those kids. But a relationship will seldom be an equal partnership. To date a single Mom on an ongoing basis, a man has to forge a relationship with her children as well as her. If they were loyal and protective of a significant other, and made good choices when picking them, they would still have the father(s) in the household.8. Single mothers either chose an irresponsible man to father one (or more) children, or they are being paid child support, which is a sum of money that the man is literally paying NOT to have to be with her.10.… continue reading »

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