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08-Jan-2020 07:49

In addition, Akana and Gage are also often seen together in several movie awards ceremonies.Some fans may be surprised to hear that Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson decided to split up when their relationship had been long enough.Before dating Brad Gage, Anna Akana had a relationship with an American actor named Ray William Johnson.They also often meet in the process of filming and some projects conducted by Akana.Akana has also played a role in TV series, “Awkward”.She also got a role in “Ant-Man” movie in 2015 and the same year she also acted in the movie “Kids vs Monsters”.But the fans of Akana continue to support her decision to date Brad Gage.

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She is also always happy to her partner who always encourages her in terms of work that she likes.

Despite having known our partner for several years but we have to fill each other forever.