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18-May-2020 05:16

Joining Jesse are an array of up-and-coming comedians, offering their own opinions on what is trending now. Other correspondents included Alonso Duralde, Whitney Pastorek, Kat Lyn, Ryan Downey, Taylor Orci and Shira Lazar.

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It's also about kindness, effort, and patience, and a whole list of things neither you nor I have the time to write. You will likely run into a lot of women who will look to confide in you more as friend than a partner though (just my opinion). You may have trouble attracting women right off the back, but it sounds like you are emotionally mature and that will do you more good in relationship in the long term then acting like a tough guy. Trying dating casually, that doesn't have to be just for causal hook ups.

Don't worry about being "correctly" attractive. But focus on having fun, discovering what YOU like in a potential partner.

I also love the idea of cuddles, romantic walks, and finding a future wife rather than having loads of sex, and am more in touch/understanding with my feelings.

In other words, stuff that is typically considered to be associated with women.

You’ve never kissed anyone or had a girlfriend so how do you know if you would or wouldn’t like loads of sex or long walks holding hands?

You haven’t had enough experiences to know how you’d respond, so labeling your supposed likes and dislikes as feminine or masculine is misleading.

How someone will be attracted to you goes beyond being in touch with a 'feminine' side. If you come across as overly emotional and cry-babyish, then most won't find that attractive; however, if you're just a chill, confident, soft-spoken man who understands when and how to be sensitive then most women will dig that. I personally am not attracted to feminine guys, but I love it when a big tough guy is down to watch The Notebook. Finding a future wife whether you are feminine or not should be so far off any 18 year olds radar.However, a night in is always nice with the right company.