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Please try a different credit card." Another credit card to steal , huh? It asked me only the city How do they know my CC statement adress in 5 seconds? Ip addressses as of 19 Aug 09 0317 EST 2.116 2.116 2.116 2.116 2.116 2.116 2.116 2.116 2.116 Older ones re pinged same time 2.116 2.116 2.116 4. 174.1 would think a support guy would be like can you give me the links to the sites because this isn't what we are about. ~Dragon Master Jay, malware researcher Admin, They now (all 3) appear on HMOS malware domains list: ... Also, added in the ratings/comments for each of them here in WOT. And if I entered a wrong adress, why not enter again just the adress? They are unknown, if you search for them in google. Thank you for this information, we are trying to stop these people from ripping people off ect. ~Dragon Master Jay, malware researcher Admin, Here's some more stuff I've found out about the scam. As I think I have said before, my gaming days ended when the Commodore Amiga bit the dust.I have watched the phenomenon of MMORPGs more from the...Web Title: Sexy Lingerie and Intimate Clothing by Design Hers - Bras, Lingerie, Sleepwear, Sexy Apparel, and Bondage Gear IP Address: 2.20 Country: United States Country Code: US City: New York Region: New York IP Address:2.20 Country: United States Country Code: US Region: New York Region code: NY City: New York zip:10118 ISP: Hostasaurus Latitude:40.7143 Longitude:-74.006 Timezone: America/New_York Organization: Hostasaurus AS number/name: AS33260 Hostasaurus, Inc.IP Address: Country: United States Country Code: US Region: Texas Region code: TX City: Austin zip:78701 ISP: Dell Latitude:30.2672 Longitude:-97.7431 Timezone: America/Chicago Organization: Dell AS number/name: AS3614 Dell, Inc.I also have the pages saved and screen shots of this IM conversation. One of the support staff from Cash University via AIM: chatting with cufrivolous AIM straynar hey chase AIM cufrivolous hey there AIM straynar question about the site AIM cufrivolous shoot who is this first are u with CU AIM straynar yea im with cu AIM cufrivolous username?AIM straynar uhmm yea takurscamminassdown thats my name AIM cufrivolous lol what can i do for u AIM straynar you know your scammers are freakin screwin the sites and spoofs up right AIM cufrivolous huh? never mind your a freakin retarded too just like them eh..


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AIM straynar yup sure dont im clueless AIM cufrivolous we show terms on all pages so u cant do shit read the terms idiot and we dont even use datinsecure that is another site so i guess u know a ton LOL AIM straynar rofl the fuckin picture is linked to your fuckin site u dumb shit If you can't get people to register for a FREE account then you're in the wrong business!

AIM cufrivolous we casn AIM straynar that will also get u fucked AIM cufrivolous can show me where its linked AIM straynar free account requiring personal information u dumb asses sure.. cid=4771 first fuckin thing u dumb shit AIM cufrivolous i would watch the way u talk to me i aint no punk kid AIM straynar so yall dont scam huh?

AIM cufrivolous read the terms u put ur info in without reading the terms then ur a dumbshit AIM straynar rofl which is another scam lol..

claiming not to use information AIM cufrivolous not to use information u are not all there i can tell it says exactly what will happen when u put in card EXACTLY so i am guessing u are either looser or competition AIM straynar that youll steal it yea i know AIM cufrivolous we dont steal shit dumbass read do u konw how to do that AIM straynar rofl.. AIM straynar actually im neither btw AIM cufrivolous what do we steal?

and to be the place that all the scammers come together to discuss the ways to steal from people.

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