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This is particularly true of the work on Tell Ingharra, the primary area of excavation, where a very important archaeological sequence was revealed between 19. This is correct: they are UG 1369, 1151, 1343 from the 1923–4 season.

Mackay's transfer to India and subsequent preoccupation with work there, Watelin's premature death, in January 1934, and Langdon's primary concern with epigraphy have meant that the archaeological discoveries of this expedition were very unevenly published. As far as possible I have intentionally avoided repeating descriptions of finds which will be found already in the published reports referred to above. XXIV, “Strings of beads from Neo-Babylonian graves” ascribed to mound ‘W’.

closed its excavations, after ten seasons' work (1923–33), at Tells Ingharra and 'Uhaimir: the site of ancient Kish. Langdon acted as director of the expedition, rarely appearing in the field, but maintaining a constant interest in the progress of excavation and publishing all epigraphic material and a number of interim reports on the archaeological results. II) they are inextricably mixed up with Parthian and Old Babylonian forms. XK III was written after the 1928–9 season and published early in 1950; these ziggurats are only cursorily mentioned in XK IV, pp. Letters to Langdon, 3rd January 1931, 16th February 1931, 3rd March 1931.

The temple hoard is illustrated in The identification of certain Neo-Babylonian pottery types from Kish is an outstanding problem, for on the pottery scale (XK IV, pl. XXVIII.3 there are vessels which are probably Neo-Babylonian, from mound ‘W’, shown with possible Kassite (rear, second from left) and Achaemenian or Seleucid forms (front).

From then until the 16th century, the bishops were in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

During the Reformation, the church in England broke away from the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, at first temporarily and later more permanently.

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The title can be traced back to the foundation of the diocese in the year 680. Throughout the excavations there was a certain amount of duplication in the use of area letters: the ‘Y’ sounding and area ‘Z’ must be distinguished from tells ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ in West Kish. X purports to be this jewellery; this plate is identical with XK I, pl. Figure 1 is based on sketch plans among Watelin's letters and on this model.In pit ‘Z’, to the south-east of ‘F’, the level which Woolley designated ‘SIS 8’ was really distinguished by this vessel which was rare above and below this stratum.

Limited excavation of two trenches further studied two features encountered in an excavation in 2010.‎ Mivne ha Even ha Gadol) is the name given to a set of remains interpreted by the excavator, Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar, as being part of a single large public building in the City of David, presumably the oldest settlement core of Jerusalem.

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