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While minor differences in the scale of later charts seems to demonstrate that facility, the mechanism remains unknown.

That clear decision by the unknown chartmaker can only mean that the amount of the Black Sea that could be accommodated must have been of secondarily importance to him, and that the extent of the truncation was left purely to chance.

Nevertheless, that remains the latest datable historical reference so far identified on the Carte Pisane.

4 January 2018 The Carte Pisane was the subject of multi-spectral analysis by the Bibliothque nationale de France in December 2018.

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The removal of sections of vellum from the Black Sea area, with a significant loss of cartographic detail and their replacement with a single large blank piece can be precisely plotted by comparing the Carte Pisanes current condition with its pre-1883 appearance.The significance of the 1883 photographs is not just bibliographical.Rather it confirms the faithfulness of Rembielinskis copy (published in 1852) and corroborates the loss of detail that occurred later during the Carte Pisanes restoration, which must therefore have occurred after 1883.It was recently noticed that the first issue of Imago Mundi (1935) included a fold-out photograph of the Carte Pisane.

The acknowledged source for this is Lopold Victor Delisle, Choix de documents gographiques conservs la Bibliothque nationale (1883), pl. This is described in Foncin, Destombes & La Roncire, Catalogue des cartes nautiques sur vlin conserves au Dpartement des Cartes et Plans (1963), pp.

There is no justification for taking the mid-point within that century-long window.