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18-Oct-2020 21:02

Sharing feelings in a relationship is never a problem—keeping your walls up is.

Security is Everything Sensitive guys can be some of the most insecure men you may meet. It means that they are more likely to spend time with you and listen to what you say.

Due to their different personality type, you cannot play games like you do with others.

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Dating a sensitive guy is a completely different experience than being with a rugged outdoor man.Maybe you both decide that every Friday night is your date night and that committing to go out to dinner each week helps each of you come together and bring the week to a close.Whatever you decide to do, a sensitive man will always want the best for you and will do what he can to assist you – just as you would for him.When you picture tall, dark and handsome, you probably aren’t seeing a guy that’s ready to share his innermost thoughts with you.

You’re probably envisioning a man with his emotional shields up, his intimate side fortified by a brick wall.The more you get to know them the soon you will be able to identify the dynamics of your relationship.