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08-Oct-2019 10:40

The digital cumbia of Monterrey’s Toy Selectah got everyone dancing. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything like it anywhere else.The crowd was a great mix: well-dressed Mexican nationals, Latino indie rockers, and families from the east, west, south, and north sides. (Learning that the new craft cocktail bar at the Pearl had yet to open was my only complaint.) San Antonio needs more institutions like Échale, and we need more places like the Pearl.I let my dog play with some new pals as I introduced my Austin girlfriend to old students and old friends. Even though a lot of things in the city center are heading in the right direction, plenty still irks me.(By the way, she’s a hip, hyper-educated, successful lady, and she, too, loves San Antonio.) It was a warm night, people were sipping margaritas, and the river beautifully reflected the lights. I’d put unhealthy lifestyles and troubling higher education figures at the top of the list.Maybe it’s because I’m an anthropologist, but I get off on friendly difference, and San Antonio has plenty of it. Pretentiousness of any kind doesn’t work here, as self-deprecation is a favorite pastime. Never have I been more tempted to start a band, help a friend open a bar or cafe, get involved with a neighborhood political organization, or buy and rehab an old house.I think it takes a certain kind of young, ambitious person to appreciate San Antonio. (That’s what all of the people who complain about “Keep San Antonio Lame” don’t understand. A lot of San Antonio is great the way it is: the fiestas, the breakfast tacos, the conjunto, the old parks, and the language, architecture, history, and sociality that make this city one of the few American places with a real, organic culture. The best of them build on San Antonio’s Tejano/Hispanic/Mexican heritage to build something new.And with all of the ongoing changes—the growth of Rackspace and the emergence of other new companies not the least among them—San Antonio’s net will become wider and wider.I might be an optimist, but I also think I’m right.

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If you’re looking for New Yorker cocktail parties and limousine liberalism, however, you’ll probably be disappointed. I like that, because it makes me feel like I’m living in the world rather than some shiny happy enclave where everyone looks, talks, and thinks just like me. And you have to side with the quirky, the out of the way, and the underdog.I’ve also spent significant time in other large cities. I enjoy talking to the day laborers who live across the street as much as I love chatting with my uber-educated neighbors.Although I’m quickly approaching the “big 4-0” and not exactly an entrepreneur, I still consider myself one of the young, educated types that San Antonio wants to attract and keep. On my block alone, there are degrees from Stanford, Cornell, New York University, Rice, and the University of Chicago.Fabian Villa has been documenting Tobin Hill’s social scene for a few years.

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To see some of the usual suspects—including an embarrassing shot or two of yours truly—check out his recent albums at Essentials.In an important sign of things to come, some of our young Democratic politicians are rising stars.

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