Dating pain

10-Apr-2020 04:53

Learn from the experience and let go of that which you can’t control.

Focus on what you want and don’t repeat the other person’s bad behavior.

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Finally, I understand that it is hard sometimes to be the bearer of bad news, particularly when we don’t want to face awkwardness or a potential backlash when we share the bad news.

If you have ghosted someone, it is critical to understand that you are not responsible for the way others will respond or interpret your actions or lack of actions.

However, that does not therefore justify treating people poorly or disrespecting other people.

Watch the video and learn how to put your date in the right mindset and emotional state.

“…and then I never heard from him again…” Have you said that? The act of disappearing like a phantom is known as ghosting.

That principle applies to all relationships including work and career, not just romantic relationships.