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As it gets more expensive to produce, firms produce less and less of a product.

To summarize, inflation can result for several different reasons and have several different root causes.

For example, if inflation is 3%, the pack of chips that cost you will cost you .09 next year.

Inflation can result and increase because of the following four main factors: Cost-push inflation is most closely tied to number two, the supply of goods going down.

More people with money equals more goods and services wanted.

Firms will try and hire more people to keep up with demand.

Try it risk-free Why does the cost of milk and eggs keeping going up year after year?

Price comparison sites can collect data directly from merchants.… continue reading »

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Thanks to online research, zoophilia is just one of many sexually atypical behaviours that we now know more about both behaviourally and psychologically.… continue reading »

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(Id.) USACM was subject to Nevada state regulatory oversight by the Nevada Financial Institutions Division ("FID"), now the Mortgage Lending Division. As to the statute of limitations, the Trust argues the limitations period is tolled because Deloitte concealed its malpractice, and the adverse domination exception applies. AA.) Milanowski and Hantges had ultimate decision-making authority for all decisions at USACM, and Buckley did not have any authority to override their decisions. K at 45-46.) Buckley did not take an active role on the board and played no role in USACM's management. S at 128.) Buckley testified that Hantges and Milanowski would have board meetings without him, and he was not involved in those meetings. K at 67-68.) The only board meeting he attended was the one he where he resigned. at 107.) Under USACM's bylaws, there was no way to have a quorum of the board without the participation of either Hantges, Milanowski, or both. S at 122.) According to Rondeau, Hantges and Milanowski did not see the point of holding annual board meetings because "they knew darned well they were in control of everything and everything was ratified by them as long as they did it." (Id. The fact that Buckley would have told outside parties, the investors, about the fraud, does not suggest that Buckley had any authority within the corporate structure to stop the fraud, and instead suggests the opposite. Section 78.140 does not require that prior to entering into such a transaction, officers or directors must present the transaction to either the shareholders or disinterested directors for approval.… continue reading »

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If you feel that a romantic relationship among your senior executives would impact either of their ability to properly carry out their duties and if it would affect the overall performance of the company, then it’s within your power to create a policy discouraging that kind of relationship.… continue reading »

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