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18-Mar-2020 03:34

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The first right bracket does not close the class because there is nothing in it yet; it is taken as a plain literal right bracket.

The second left bracket and the exclamation mark have no special meaning; neither is in a position where it would have any.

$ ./pattern 'hello*' 'hello' 'hello, there' 'well, hello' Matching against 'hello*': hello: Match. well, hello: No match.) is subject to globbing (sometimes called file name expansion), where the shell replaces such words with any files with names matching the pattern.

This can produce misleading results for tests like this.

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Patterns are case sensitive; if you want to match all standard ASCII letters, use .consists of sequences of nonblank characters separated by blanks,” or possibly some wonderful cookie recipes. Instead, there are some characters in a pattern that have special meaning and can match something other than themselves.