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The core Suzuki literature is published on audio recordings and in sheet music books for each instrument, and Suzuki teachers supplement the repertoire common to each instrument as needed, particularly in the area of teaching reading.One of the innovations of the Suzuki method was to make quality recordings of the beginners' pieces widely available, performed by professional musicians.

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Other methods—such as Simply Music, the Gordon Music Learning Theory, and Conversational Solfège—have students playing before reading notes, but may not have the same focus on daily listening and learning by ear.The Suzuki method is an internationally known music curriculum and teaching philosophy dating from the mid-20th century, created by Japanese violinist and pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki (1898–1998).The method aims to create an environment for learning music which parallels the linguistic environment of acquiring a native language.Many traditional (non-Suzuki trained) music teachers also use the Suzuki repertoire, often to supplement their curriculum, and they adapt the music to their own philosophies of teaching.

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Another innovation of Suzuki was to deliberately leave out the large amount of technical instructions and exercises found in many beginners' music books of his day.He pioneered the idea that preschool age children could learn to play the violin if the learning steps were small enough and the instrument was scaled down to fit their body.