Dating corbina

14-Feb-2020 00:24

Corbina fishing is unique to the coast of Baja California and Southern California (on rare occasions, they make their way further north).

That being said, they tend to range from 10 to 22 inches in length on average.

It is imperative that you understand their tendencies.

Sure you might get lucky and hook up on a big Corbina with a random cast as far out as you can, but that’s not going to work all the time.

The head of the corbina is longer than that of a croaker and more triangular in shape.

These fish mature at a length of 11 to 13 inches at about 2 to 3 years old.

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In Southern California, Corbina will roam the shallows more so than their fish counter-parts in the Yellowfin and Spotfin Croaker.

California Corbina are known for their elusiveness as they have a tendency for inconsistent bite patterns.

Corbina are most plentiful along the surf from the months of June through August as they move into deeper waters when the temperature drops.

Along the beaches of San Diego, California Corbina will scour ultra-shallow waters looking for sand crabs and clams.Fun Fact: When I was only 16, and had just begun surf fishing, I reeled in a 28 inch monster!