Dating body language explained

31-Dec-2019 18:24

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If a woman is looking at you and gives a subtle lick of the lips, there may be a chance that she's interested and wants to take you back to her place tonight. No matter what the situation is, we are bringing out our phones and looking at them.

However, someone who is interested in you won't be looking at their phone all the time.

However, many people cross their arms just to relax.

It's one of those body language signs that need more context before guessing as to what it means.

For example, someone who has a higher tone of voice when they're speaking to you may be interested in you.

Updated July 12, 2019 Source: Body language is important in the world of communication.

It isn't just a supplement to verbal communication, but often dominant.

However, hair touching may also be a sign that of nervousness.

It's another gesture that should be looked at with the combination of other body language gestures.A good smile will combine the perfect balance of not looking fake and prolonged but not being creepy as well.