Dating antique coffee grinders

18-Sep-2019 00:30

It is adjusted by turning a wheel that is mounted above the back of the cup opposite the handle.I was able to disassemble and clean the interior of this mill as the "guts" are accessible from the back when it is removed from the mounting board.It measures right around 9 1/2" tall and has one 7" wheel.

I don't think this particular mill was used much if at all so the paint on this mill is in excellent original condition. 2 mills It's proven difficult to find much of any information on these mills.This Armin Trosser mill was manufactured in Germany and I would date it to around the 1950's.It is in very good clean condition but I have only cleaned the exterior of this mill as the paint on the bolts that hold the body together would chip it I were to take it apart.It has a plastic top and a porcelain hopper with a windmill scene.

There are no chips or cracks in the hopper or catch cup and only some minor tarnish on the handle.The only thing to report is some minor chipping of the paint around the mounting holes.