Dating a bipolar person

24-Oct-2020 04:00

Apparently he was hospitalized four years ago but everything has been stable since then.

He was very upfront with me on it and I know he has a great support network within his family.

How long have you two been dating and have you been able to witness his manic and depressed states?

hehe BTW this is all coming from first hand experience ^_^ Hey there Justme, Lots of good responses everyone!I’m a strong woman who has been looking for that right mix of old fashioned guy and modern man.I know I have found it in him, but I don’t know if I am strong enough to handle everything I have read.For me I now have to worry if I will have to raise a bipolar child.

From everything I have learned on line, I am scared for my son. Looking above you all have good ideas but all in all this is a very personal thing.

Honestly, everything I have read is breaking my heart a little bit. Once people are diagnosed as being bipolar its really in their best interest to stay on meds.