Consolidating iphoto libraries

18-Sep-2019 07:21

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Over time Apple realized too many people were mucking around, so they came up with a solution to the problem.

You can either use the "Duplicate Library" command before setting up your merge, or just say "yes" when i PLM asks you whether you want to back up your library before merging. View detailed photo information using List View, and search for photos across all your libraries at once.

Splitting your photos between multiple libraries helps Photos open more quickly, lets you archive older photos, store some of your collection on an external hard drive, and reduce storage space used by i Cloud Photo Library.

Sometimes the second copy of Photos will open directly on top of the first, obscuring the fact that two instances of Photos are open.

Once merged, related photos can be viewed in one place and unneeded items pruned out.

Printable help Merging libraries i Photo Library Manager allows you to merge the contents of multiple libraries together into one, while preserving all your albums, events, and photo metadata.

Visit Stack Exchange On the family's i Mac my wife and daughter have separate user accounts, each with their own i Photo library.

My wife has asked me to consolidate both libraries into a single library for convenience. Can it be done with the existing software and utilities that come with Snow Leopard or is there a 3rd party utility that facilitates the process? The library you started with in step 2 above includes content from all the merged libraries.