Consolidating different folders in itunes

03-Sep-2020 10:07

If you are transferring your i Tunes library from a PC to a Mac or a Mac to another Mac, then you can use the Windows Migration Assistant to quickly transfer the files. You can find the Windows Migration Assistant program here.This software should be pre-installed on your Mac computer.Open i Tunes on the new computer and insert the external media device into the computer.Copy the files to the computer’s hard drive, and then import them into i Tunes.Open i Tunes on the new computer and click the “Store” tab. While the Home Sharing option is probably the best one overall, you can use any of the four methods to quickly add your files to your new computer. Do share your feedback with us in the comment below.Your i Tunes library, a database that's made up of all of the music and other media that you add to i Tunes, is organized into two i Tunes library files and an i Tunes Media folder.Find the i Tunes folder by going to “i Tunes” and then “Preferences” if you are using a Mac, or “Edit” and then “Preferences” on a PC.Click “Advanced” to find the location of the folder.

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This is probably the easiest way to transfer your i Tunes library from one computer to another, and it allows the entire library to stay in sync across different platforms.A menu should appear telling you how long the transfer should take.Once it’s finished, then all you have to do is close the program and open i Tunes on the new computer to ensure that everything was properly transferred.Click the “From another PC” selection when it appears and then click “Continue.”If there are several computers near your location, then click the one that has the i Tunes information.

Wait a few seconds and a number should appear on the screen.

Burning all of the files will take some time, but importing them should be fairly quick.