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11-Mar-2020 06:15

The simplest way to how the mortgage industry operates.

The strategy aims to take advantage of flaws in the system, and presumes illegal or unethical behavior on the part of lenders.

Instead, it contains language that gives the lender the right to take the property if the borrower breaches the terms of the promissory note.

So in non-judicial states, a homeowner must file a civil action against the lender to compel it to provide proof of claim.

A growing number of victories by homeowners in state and federal courts have altered the foreclosure landscape dramatically, giving optimism to tens of thousands of other homeowners in similar situations.

And because many of America’s large banks have acknowledged unorthodox, unaccepted or even illegal practices in the areas of mortgages, loan modifications and foreclosures, they inadvertently have given homeowners additional ammunition with which to fight.

A major strategy of foreclosure defense is to make a bank substantiate clear chains of title for a mortgage and a promissory note.

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If any link in either chain is questionable, it can nullify a lender’s ability to make a valid claim on a property.Foreclosure defense is a new concept that continues to grow alongside the rising tide of foreclosure cases.

Debt consolidation has the potential to help or hurt your credit score—depending on which method you use and how diligent you are with your repayment plan.… continue reading »

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