Consolidating airline miles dating 200 years ago

10-Jul-2020 16:12

Worse, exchanging 10,000 US Airways miles would net a mere 488 miles in Frontier’s program, about a 95 percent loss.

Aside from, the two venerable mileage-conversion options involve two-step processes through the programs of Hilton and Diners Club.

But the real problem with transfers is the exchange rate.

Converting 10,000 American miles into Midwest’s program would yield a measly 988 miles, a loss of 90 percent of the original miles.

Typically, on any of them, you enter your name, contacts, and frequent flyer account numbers; the site then “screen scrapes” each program for the details of your account.

First, airline miles are converted to points, in the Hilton HHonors or Diners Club Rewards programs.

Then those points are redeemed for miles in another program.

I checked the six airlines I have miles on and booked an award ticket on United. What web sites will consolidate all my FF memberships and check all the airlines for seats when I want to book?

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” The short answer is that I know of three sites where you can consolidate and manage your balances.The list of North American airline programs partnered with’s Swap program is limited to Air Canada Aeroplan, Alaska Mileage Plan, American AAdvantage, Delta Sky Miles, Frontier Early Returns, Hawaiian’s Hawaiian Miles, Midwest’s Midwest Miles, and US Airways Dividend Miles.