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In December 2009, Forbes ranked Modesto 48th out of 100 among "Best Bang-for-the-Buck Cities".

In this ranking, Modesto ranked 8th in housing affordability and travel time but also ranked 86th in job forecast growth and 99th in foreclosures.

Irrigation water came from dams installed in the foothills, and irrigated fields of vegetables and fruit and nut trees flourished. During World War II, the area provided canned goods, powdered milk, and eggs for the US armed forces and Allied forces.

For the next few decades, Modesto's population grew about two percent per year to over 100,000 in 1980, and over 200,000 in 2001.

MAX is the local system with additional connections to the Altamont Corridor Express train station in Lathrop and the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.

MAX also provides a paratransit "dial-a-ride" service which specifically caters to seniors and the disabled.

The house has been removed from its original location, and modern renovation of the house has compromised its NRHP designation. "El Viejo" Post Office is located on Twelfth and I Streets. The Southern Pacific Railroad Depot was constructed in 1915 in the Mission style at the corner of J and Ninth Streets.

The motto was selected in a contest held in 1911, where the winner won as his prize.

(The original winner, "Nobody's got Modesto's goat", The 1973 film American Graffiti, starring Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, and Cindy Williams, was set in 1962 Modesto; however, the scenes of weekend cruising were actually filmed in Petaluma, California.

This is a list of historic places in Modesto, California.

The building has been restored and expanded as the City Transportation Center.

Modesto is served by one of the busiest rail corridors in the country.

Modesto's population was over 1,000 residents in 1884.

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