Chuck prevents blair from dating

02-May-2020 20:57

Their war games are, as Chuck suggests to Dan, far too complex for commoners to even grasp. Why is the one-year anniversary of a fifth marriage a big deal? Serena and Colin decide not to sleep together - our girl has such willpower! Juliet apparently managed to install a camera there to capture it.

When Chuck prepared to have his way with Blair on that table, it was hot. Ridiculous as this is, it actually fits the characters and their over-the-top schemes. Juliet sneaks away to speak on the phone with Ben, who tells her that even if Colin is the professor in question, they have to use Serena’s relationship with their cousin to ruin her.

Later, we find out she's Chuck's secret mom.

Vanessa finds a novel Dan wrote about all his friends and has it published—everyone gets mad.

Blair and Dan kiss, but then Blair starts dating Prince Louis Grimaldi—who she met in Paris—and they get engaged, despite his family's disapproval. Charlie is actually a con artist named Ivy, who was hired by Carol to impersonate her daughter to get access to Ce Ce's fortune.

The tension was likely boiling over in living rooms just as it was within Chuck. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick can convince us of anything their characters do, as well, allowing for major creative liberties on the writers' part. For whatever reason (Blair needing a new foil, basically), he decides to take Chuck and Blair down as revenge, and also to bring Jenny back to celebrate Lily and Rufus' anniversary. Finally, Chuck emerges after Blair's party ends to tell her the deal is over. For no reason, because Vanessa is kind of lame if you ask me. Eventually they all have a threesome, which makes everything awkward (for them, and all of us watching the show). Serena falls in love with Nate's cousin Tripp, who is married and up for Congress.The season ends with conniving Georgina Sparks, Serena's former friend, coming back to the Upper East and revealing that she was with Serena the night S slept with Nate—also, a man died in Serena's presence while they were doing drugs, and the whole thing was caught on tape. Season Two Blair starts dating royalty (of course she does), and it makes Chuck jealous. Serena is headed to Brown, Nate is going to Columbia, and Blair, Dan, Vanessa, and Georgina are going to NYU. Season Three Blair and Chuck start off the season madly in love. They run away together, then get in a car crash, and Tripp runs off. Dan starts dating Vanessa again—even though he still has feelings for Serena—but she starts dating her professor at Columbia.As in, no more Blair or Serena or Chuck or Dan or Nate, and we're finally going to find out who Gossip Girl is.

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It's the end of an era—the show premiered in 2007! Season One Glam-gal Serena van der Woodsen returns to NYC's Upper East Side following a mysterious disappearance—it's revealed Serena exiled herself after she slept with Nate Archibald, her best friend Blair Waldorf's boyfriend.Lily clearly still has a thing for Rufus and his ability to make delicious waffles, but she's dating power-hungry Bart Bass, Chuck's dad.

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