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01-Jan-2020 13:15

So, the tests should be easily understandable, legible and to-the-point.Test Case suites that are only understandable by the ones who designed them are ubiquitous.But, if it involves a specific section on the screen which could be tricky to mention in the test step, attaching the specification documents or screen designs to that particular step helps.A well-written Test Case clearly mentions the expected result of the application or system under test.Each test design step should clearly mention what you expect as outcome of that verification step.So, while writing test cases, mention in detail what page/screen you expect to appear after the test and, any updates you expect as an outcome to be made in back-end systems or database (ex. You can also attach screenshots or specification documents to the relevant step mentioning the system should work as outlined in the given document to make things simpler.

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For example, if you need to verify how the login feature for any application works with invalid input, you can break this negative testing for login functionality into sub tests for different values like: Whatever project you work on, when designing test cases, you should always consider that the Test Cases will not always be executed by the one who designs them.

), wherever applicable, you can give Test Data to be used for the Test Case within the test case description or with the specific Test Case step.