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Born on 30 August 1972, Diaz is a very beautiful and highly talented woman who first started out as a model before later switching to acting.The kind of woman that many men would give everything to hang out with, she has dated a good number of men in the business, sporting, and entertainment world.Camron as an English loan name and Nasbilenco ( merged from naso sbilenco) as a native translation are Italian equivalents of the English name "Camron." The respective pronunciations -- which originate in the Gaelic cam sròn ("crooked nose") -- will be "kahm-rohn" and "NA-so sbee-LEN-ko" in Italian.source just showed up with tea, revealing that after Hannah asked Tyler if he’d like to go for a drink and ~just hang out~ on live TV, “after two days of anticipation, they did just that!

They were as close as actual brothers and sisters to one another, and still are, and my heart breaks for them today.

The closest word I can find is caminus, which is a noun meaning fireplace or forge.