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Fans of DAYS have already noticed the striking resemblance to the original Belle Olivia is also quite the musical performer – in fact via her Instagram account – she has been touting her cover of Adele’s “Crazy For You”.Keegan will be departing the soap, last airing July 9th 2019.When she got and her liver failed and she was ill almost near death it's revealed her blood type is AB-.But in 2006, it's revealed through a DNA test that Shawn is Claire's father.In 2008, Claire's parents took her with them to set sail around the world.She returned to Salem as a teenager in 2015, and she finally graduated from high school in 2016 with Theo Carver, her aunt Ciara Brady, her cousin Joey Johnson, and Jade Michaels. In 2016, she began having a romantic relationship with Theo.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

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Later, Belle took Claire to her parents and left Philip, after she miscarried.Meanwhile, executive producer Ken Corday says that the show he once loved was nearly unrecognizable, which is why he decided to get new writers and bring back some of the longtime favorite characters who had been in the background for years now.“With all due respect to the writers who are no longer there, and who did win us an Emmy award, and GLAAD awards and many other kudos, there comes a time when they’re just burned out, and they were not getting it done. I felt like the car was headed for the edge of the cliff.“More than anything, the atmosphere of negativity and complacency at the studio was overwhelming.After the talent search it was actress/singer Olivia Rose Keegan who has nabbed the coveted part!

When viewers last saw the character of Claire in 2008, she was very little girl who left Salem with her parents.Philip tried to get full custody of Claire after he returned from war, but Belle and Shawn took the baby and ran to Toronto and stayed at a shelter where 'Merle' helped them escape to Australia on a cruise ship.