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If you unwillingly fit into the latter category it will behoove you to check out the Atlanta matchmaking service, “Better Way To Meet.”Georgia Voice spoke with “Better Way To Meet” consultant Lamont Scales on what sets “Better Way To Meet” apart from other services and why Atlanta gay and bisexual men could benefit.

Georgia Voice: Tell us about the concept for Better Way To Meet.

BW2M: Better Way to Meet (BW2M) was launched on October 6, 2014, by two friends who were weary of using mobile apps and online formats to meet guys.

BW2M’s concept is pretty simple: Old fashioned matchmaking for gay men looking for love.

Casting director Allison Jones thought she should try reading for Rosa Diaz, then known as “Megan,” who was described as “tough, smart, and scary as hell.” While she did screen tests for both parts, Fox ended up casting Melissa Fumero as Amy, a decision that Beatriz thought would sink her chances because she couldn’t imagine that a network show would cast two Latinas in the same show. “Melissa’s perfect for Amy,” Beatriz tells me over matcha lattes in Silver Lake on a typically sunny spring day. I loved watching the development of [Will’s character], but for me, I didn’t see myself.

“I think my Amy would have been a lot more irritating to people.” On the fifth season, the show veered closer into Beatriz’s own life when the stern and tight-lipped Rosa Diaz comes out to her co-workers, and then her parents, as bisexual in the 99th and 100th episodes of the show. It was a cast of brilliant comedians, but they’re all white, and it was a gay white male. Kind of, which is real fucked-up because those paintings are wack. There’s that picture, “My Birth,” where it’s just her spread legs and the head coming out that’s all twisted.

However, if you are searching for a more meaningful, safe, and fun way to meet guys, then you should definitely consider BW2M.

BW2M allows guys to develop genuine relationships that are long lasting and fulfilling.

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Thanks, mom, for my art education/investigation into the world of bisexuality! There is an abundance of beautiful, successful and intelligent men in the city.