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18-Jul-2020 06:01

Different loan consolidations come up with different terms and conditions, some loans may be on fixed interest rate while some might be on a variable.

So, consolidating all of the loans into one single loan will help in minimizing your monthly payment.

Consolidation can help you a lot if you have different student loans from various lenders with different due dates of payment.

Consolidation makes managing your student loans easier because it replaces all the multiple loans with one simple loan.

Keeping a track of what you owe every month and when it’s due can be very confusing.

In such cases, deciding to consolidate student loans could help you manage your debt more efficiently.

It’s common to have a mix of Federal and Private Loan after school.

You can easily have multiple loan services, due dates and minimum payments.

To put it simply: Student Loan Consolidation is One Loan, One Lender, One Payment.Here are some of the reasons to make you think otherwise and not opt for Student Loan Consolidation.