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27-Jun-2020 16:14

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Rock wildchild KELLY OSBOURNE is so sick of "annoying" boys - she's decided to stay single. singer, 19, has endured two high-profile failed relationships with THE USED frontman BERT Mc CRACKEN and... Rock chick KELLY OSBOURNE is struggling to forgive ex-lover BERT Mc CRACKEN for dumping her - because she fears he only dated her to raise his profile. Wildman rocker OZZY OSBOURNE plans to knock some sense into daughter KELLY OSBOURNE's former boyfriend BERT Mc CRACKEN after he publicly dumped her on Valentine's Day (14FEB03). Rocker BERT Mc CRACKEN has lashed out at chart-toppers EVANESCENCE after they pulled out of touring commitments on the WARPED tour.

Wild rocker KELLY OSBOURNE has slammed her ex-boyfriend BERT Mc CRACKEN for putting her through "emotional hell", labelling the singer the most selfish person she's ever met. His band THE USED have been moved up the bill to cover the Christian...

Gerard pushed a string of his black hair behind his ear and after walking carefully towards his assigned seat and trying really hard not to trip, he sat down.

He hadn't brought any stationary with him, so he just looked a bit lost at his hands.

When Gerard moves to a new town and starts at a new school he starts falling for Bert Mc Cracken.

It doesn't take long for the two to start a relationship together. The 16-year-old boy stood in front of his new classmates.

See, Gerard had been dumped by his three year boyfriend Bert Mc Cracken, so he moved in with his best friend Ray. " "Daddy won't be down stairs making breakfast for me when I go down there..." Gerard whined sadly. Ray had even considered dating Gerard himself, just to keep him from suicide.

Gerard loved to sleep in, but it was annoying for Ray to deal with, especially nowadays. He knew everything that could cheer him up or distract him for a little while, but not matter what he tried, he couldn't find the final cure. Ray knew these distractions couldn't go on forever or else so would Gerard's depression.

Osbourne, daughter of rocker OZZY OSBOURNE, has been seen out and about with musician MICHAEL DAVIC in Vancouver, Canada, where she's filming her new...Singer KELLY OSBOURNE's relationship with rocker BERT Mc CRACKEN failed because her over-zealous parents made "his life a living hell" because "he didn't shower and was a drug addict". Kelly decided to ignore her mum's warnings and enjoyed...