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“The heroes who ran some of those Gay Asian porn blogs would find stuff outside of the normal channels,” says Joel.“It took me years to realize that it wasn't that I wasn't attracted to Asian men, it was that I wasn't attracted to a pixelated dick in a gas mask.” Peter Fever, a porn studio run by the actor Peter Le, with the stated mission of producing “gay Asian porn fantasies” predominantly featuring Asian men and other men of color.I wish some kid going through the ‘Bear’ tab could just happen to see an Asian guy in that mix. Sometimes I want to see two fucking jacked Asian men wrestle in singlets.I know if I search ‘wrestling’ in Pornhub, I won't just happen to see that.” Instead, Joel turned to Tumblr, one of the few platforms he found that hosted relatable depictions of gay Asian men.“Everyone was wearing gas masks and all the dicks were pixelated.I didn't specifically seek out Asian porn for a while after that.” Joel grew up in an adopted white family, in a predominately white suburb just outside of Chicago.

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This mirrors other myths, like that of the model minority, which casts us as submissive sidekicks, happy to mold our identities around the needs and phalluses of white men, and by extension, America at large.Growing up in the ’90s, he identified exclusively as a bottom, spurred in part by mostly white partners who expected him to be “more into the servitude of them, rather than being pleasured myself,” he says.