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At one time, the Parks Department itself operated three of the zoos—the Central Park, Prospect Park, and Queens Zoos—but after major City-funded capital restorations were undertaken in the 1980s, the Wildlife Conservation Society assumed their management.(The name “Wildlife Conservation Center” was introduced in 1993 to better reflect the institutions' larger goals; the change was derided by language mavens such as William Safire and editorial board, which called the new name “multisyllabic mayhem.”) The shift to a public-private partnership in the operation of the zoos began in the 1960s when two things happened: the formerly “cutting-edge” zoos of the 1930s began to look primitive and outdated, and park administrators needed to divert scarce resources simply to accommodate the basic park needs of a greatly expanded system.While Philadelphia claims the first zoo chartered in the United States (1859), New York's own Central Park Zoo began as an ad hoc menagerie at the same time, and while Philadelphia's zoo opened in 1874, the menagerie at Central Park was fully institutionalized long before then.In fact, the 1874-75 Report of the Director of the Central Park Menagerie lists page after page of animals exhibited at the park; in that period, seven lions, three pumas, one zebu, and a yak were bred at the menagerie and at the end of 1875, there were 626 animals permanently residing at the zoo.All San Diego Zoo Global volunteers are trained Conservation Ambassadors, and most begin as Information Ambassadors.Information Ambassadors contribute 60 hours each year or more after completing a fun and thorough training checklist.

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Furthermore, being such popular zoos in three major city parks, the institutions deserved modern educational and outreach components that matched their high profile, something far outside the purview of a municipal agency.

As a volunteer I hope I can help people see all the different roles that zoos take to help prevent extinction.

Since early civilization, humans have sought to domesticate and tame animals, and zoos themselves have a long history dating back to the earliest farming cultures.

A professional organization for zoos in New York City dates to 1895 when the New York Zoological Society, the precursor of today's Wildlife Conservation Society, was established.

Although the Society's goals have always been the same—to preserve wildlife and inspire New Yorkers and the nation to care for wildlife (the Bronx Zoo, for example, played a key role in reintroducing the American Bison in the early 1900s)—the city's zoos have evolved with the times as professionals have reevaluated how to best care for animals.Per resolution of the AAZK Board of Directors, AAZK shall seek to promote the animal keeping profession under the AAZK Program National Zoo Keeper Week (NZKW).

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