Android not updating gmail contacts

21-Oct-2020 21:42

However, if you have Google sync turned off for some reason and then deleted your contacts by mistake, you could be stuck in a real mess.

At this point, pleasing the God of Android rooting is your only way to salvation and recovering lost contacts.

Your contacts are hands down, some of the essential items you have stored on your Android device.

Not only is it a way for you to get in touch with your loved ones but they can also prove useful when building your social and business network.

Once you have completed the process of restoring your deleted contacts to the Gmail account, it is time to re-sync them with your Android device.

If you were lucky (smart) enough to create a backup of your contacts on your external storage in the form of or a file, there’s a way to get back the Android contacts disappeared.Mistakenly lost a backup of your device and now wondering where your Android contacts disappeared out of nowhere?