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12-Nov-2019 03:59

By remaining independent and renting space for one, window girls could legally operate as they were not technically plying their trade publicly but being approached in a private way.Of course, the reality of this is far from the truth but the city authorities tolerated the practice of sex tourism.In fact, the broad policy of ‘complicit ignorance’ towards prostitution in the city allowed many brothels to continue trading by defining themselves as ‘private sex clubs’ or ‘private houses’.The changes in 2000 were brought about largely to protect workers in the trade and to prevent trafficking and other illegal activities which had become associated with this liberal policy of ‘overlooking’ the industry.

In a city where anything is possible we take a look at some of the ways you can make your dreams come true.Today, prostitution is fully legal but all brothels and independent prostitutes must hold a state license to operate with the minimum legal age for prostitutes now being 21.