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It was thought to be a necessary evil, to mutilate and remove all possible hindrances to using a spear or drawing an arrow.

This practice may has attributed them the name Amazons from the Classical Greek word "Amazoi", which translates to either breast-less, full-breasted or not-touching men.

Little is known about the legendary Amazons, most of which is taken from myths.

Only a few historical facts have been discovered to prove the existence and developement of an Amazon culture.

However, in older (1950 to 1990ish) media the trope is usually played straight and without irony, because writers assumed that young male viewers would see a naturally strong woman as an insult to the hero's (and by transference their own) masculinity.

A leading cause of The Chick meaning 'girly' or non-combatant.

Contrast Amazon Chaser, where guys go for a woman she kicks ass.

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In lay terms, he's not an Understanding Boyfriend (yet).

"Full-breasted" appears to be a paradox, but that is precisely how the Amazons have been depicted, whether in sculptures or paintings.

These women were more in tune with warfare than with feminism.

Unlike All Guys Want Cheerleaders, this trope doesn't necessarily tap into what the entertainment industry presumes turns guys in the audience on or off — that's more a part of Chickification.

The proverbial Amazon is usually portrayed in a positive light and the guy as the fool.

It's not easy for females on TV today to be both beautiful and strong, like the Amazons of Greek mythology. Because All Guys Want Cheerleaders, but no guy wants a girl who can beat him up.

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