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A study of “Sexuality and Health Among Older Adults in the United States” suggests that among the respondents who were sexually active, about half of them reported at least one bothersome sexual problem.

These problems can be a result of common conditions, including: Fortunately, many of these issues and their symptoms can be treated to improve the enjoyment of sex.

It is up to family members to navigate these conversations, especially if your parent is new to dating.

Sex advocate and author Joan Price emphasizes the importance of condom use and empowering seniors to have the conversation about condoms with a new potential partner: “I suggest [to my class] to say [to a new partner]: ‘I always use a condom with a partner, do you have a favorite or would you like to use mine?

These two issues are the most commonly reported sexual health issues faced by seniors, and they can be addressed quite simply.

Although safe sex campaigns have been on the forefront for the past three decades, most are geared towards young people and the sexual health of seniors is often overlooked.

For example, doctors or pharmacists can prescribe lubricants, moisturizers or vaginal estrogen to help with dryness.

Medication, such as Cialis and Viagra can also be prescribed to help manage or even reverse erectile dysfunction in men.

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As well, health care providers in retirement communities may struggle to support their residents’ sexual health.A study entitled “Sexuality and Intimacy in Assisted Living: Residents’ Perspectives and Experiences,” published by the U. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, found that historically, “assisted living providers pay scant attention to clients’ sexual needs.” But times are changing and many senior living communities are focusing on creating a supportive environment. They’re educating staff about issues surrounding aging and sexuality, as well as providing advocacy training.