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06-Sep-2020 13:20

However, in other aspects we are are pretty embedded into the business of adult webcams on the blogging side of things.We also write about the events at all the with more of a focus on the user experiences side of using live webcam sites.Comparisons of Live Webcam Affiliate Programs Informational and Comparison Table for Affiliate Marketing and Professional Webmasters. It contains the details on revenue sharing (rev share), payment per lead (ppl), and payment per sale (pps) for all the of the world’s top adult webcam affiliate programs.Please use the contact us page if your program offerings change.We were of course, very direct when we brought the concern to their attention.

(They were not at first even willing to pay us on the thousands of dollars they earned from our traffic).

With that said, today we have terminated our affiliate relationship with XLove Cam / xlovecash.

Thus the focus of this article is on why we ended our affiliate relationship with xlovecash, xlovecam, .cams, and ACWM. Xlovecam is a European adult webcam site owned by ACWM.

Spending to make a splash at adult industry conferences as if business were great, right? Their affiliate program for that cam site (one geared towards US users) is called xlovecash and it’s online at Thus in our opinion they must be taking those funds without paying the owed affiliate payments.

So we are washing our hands of any coverage, linking to, or discussions about this webcam site from today forward.

This is the most detailed chart online comparing live webcam affiliate programs and we always aim to keep it that way.